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Power Of Freedom – Civic Movement

Power Of Freedom is a civic movement
mainly comprised of young Gambians from all walks of life
who stand for peace, positive change of the country
and its people, social justice, without regard
to gender, tribe, religion or political affiliation.
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The team considers taking
non-violent actions deemed necessary
to achieve its goals.
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Freedom Ndogu Join Us Now
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Power Of Freedom

Be and Strive for the Change we need!

Considering that every Gambian in accordance with Section 25 of the Constitution of
the Republic of The Gambia has the right to:
Freedom of speech and expression;
Freedom of thought, conscience and belief;
Freedom to assemble and demonstrate peaceably and without arms;
Freedom of association;
Freedom to petition the Executive the redress of grievances and to resort to the Courts
for the protection of his or her rights.
We hereby have decided to establish an association named POWER OF FREEDOM, an
open and peaceful Citizen Movement that has no affiliations with any particular
ideology, religious group, tribe, political party or governmental organization which
came into being at a time when the future of The Gambia was at stake under the
leadership of the Second Republic.
On the basis of the present statutes elaborated in accordance with the provisions of the
Constitution, Laws and Regulations in force, we hereby draw up a set of basic rules
and principles for the operation of Power Of Freedom with a view to uniting our efforts
to defend our rights, do our duty as good citizens of a great nation and partake in
nation building by lending a helping hand when the need arises, create, promote and
maintain mutual understanding and tolerance amongst and between ourselves.

Power OF Freedom


Power Of Freedom is not an association or an NGO, let alone a political party. It is a civic movement composed of young Gambians of both gender from all walks of life but mostly young intellectuals, without distinction of tribes, religion, social condition or even political or non political affiliation. The movement has just been established and inspired by April 14th 2016 Solo Sandeng protest. Power Of Freedom members are those in The Gambia or Gambians in the diaspora who share our struggle as best as they can in their daily lives for change to happen. Not a mere change of regime or politicians, but a real reversal of the political and economic system that has asphyxiated The Gambia for more than two decades, and which has seen people like Solo Sandeng killed for peacefully protesting for election reform and other Gambians jailed and some forced into exile for standing for their constitutional rights. We are organized as a team of young and determined individuals carrying a huge knowledge of our Constitution and Human Rights.

Malaria Free Summer

Malaria Free Summer is an initiative of Power Of Freedom a civic movement comprised of young Gambians from all walks all life. This initiative will consist of helping less privileged/needy families in the greater banjul area with treated mosquito nets, paracetamol tablets, pain killers, anti malaria tablets, antibiotics and first aid kits,we will also take the opportunity to sensitize families on how to prevent stagnant waters that attract mosquitoes and how to detect malaria symptoms on children especially. All this will be done under the supervision of our nurse members and nurse students in the movement.

Freedom Ndogu

Freedom Ndogu is an initiative of POWER OF FREEDOM, a civic movement comprised of young Gambians from all walks of life. This initiative will kick start on May 27th marking the debut of the Holy Muslim Month of Ramadan, knowing how times are trying, the movement will organize caravans of food and drinks distribution during “Iftar” for the stranded “Fasters”.

Mostly, people face difficulties to find hot water “tea/coffee” when stuck in traffic or when there is a scarcity of transportation, so the movement will be organized in small groups near the Greater Banjul are to distribute drinks, food dates, something to help sustain the “Faster” before they get home to have a movement seeks support: material to prepare the meals, financing to be able to cater for a lot of people, or physical support to help distribute faster.

The different distribution areas

  1. Traffic Lights (Kairaba Avenue) 
  2. Westfield (Alvihag) 
  3. Westfield (Cooperative) 
  4. Tippa Garage 
  5. Bakau (Market)
  6. Brusubi (Turntable)
  7. Banjul (Terminal) 
  8. Serekunda (Market)
  9. Churchill’s Town
  10. Lamin (NTC)
  11. Birkama (Garage)
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Donate to Power Of Freedom

``Be and Strive for a change we need``


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