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Press Release – Page 2 – Power Of Freedom

Gambian artists on exile say “Let’s Go Back Home”

Two Gambian rappers based in Senegal have released a new single titled, ‘Let’s Go Back Home, Duma Dem.’

Retsam and Killa Ace discuss the chances of heading to The Gambia, and insist on not going back because of potential arrest and torture unless President Yahya Jammeh leaves the capital city, Banjul.

The song was produced by Harley Leigh mixed and mastered by Diksa.

Retsam, real name Jerreh Badjie, is well known for his politically charged. He has released ‘Power of Freedom,’ a song which demands “Jammeh must go.” Badjie fled across the border to Senegal after he too part in a violently halted protest. He is part of a group trying to inform and motivate peers in the Gambia through a social media revolution.

In addition to the scarcity of jobs, the lack of freedom of expression suppresses people’s potential, says Killa Ace, real name Ali Cham, adding that, “If you are restricted from doing certain things you cannot show who you really are, and that gives a limit to what you really can be, especially as a youth.”

Killa Ace fled Gambia last year after recording a song critical of the Jammeh regime. At the time, he said, “My wife and I, and my manager, incessantly received death threats and calls from the NIA (Gambia’s National Intelligence Agency) demanding my whereabouts.”

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