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News Blog – Power Of Freedom

News Blog

Bring back our Water and Electricity

Out of 24hours electricity is available just 4-5 hours a day sometimes less, water comes only 2 to 3 hours in the evening in most parts of the Greater Banjul Area, this has been going on for the past 2 weeks and we Gambian citizens are fed up and sick to our stomachs of hearing excuses and made up promises about our water and electricity situation.
Patience is virtue and the minute one looses it, hell will break loose.
Our government’s been busy spending unnecessary amount of money on travels, cars and per diems whiles the average Gambian is suffering everyday whether at home or in their businesses due to lack of electricity.
Children are crying all night, pregnant mothers the same because of the unbearable heat that succumb them yet we’re not concerned by all this as a people but to have an Ashobi for our servant, a reflection of the past regime and its partyholic behaviors.

We call on Nawec and the government of The Gambia for the second time in 2 months to immediately look into the Nawec situation and stop the blame game despite being granted a huge amount of money and signing a cooperation with Senegalese counterpart.
We are citizens of this country and deserve our basic rights.


Gambie: la société civile demande à la Cédéao de faire pression sur Yahya Jammeh

A sept mois de l’élection présidentielle en Gambie, et à 48 heures du sommet de la Cédéao, la société civile gambienne est réunie en ce moment et pour deux jours à Dakar. L’objectif : tenter de convaincre les pays membres de l’institution ouest-africaine de faire pression sur Yahya Jammeh pour que la répression des opposants s’arrête, pour que l’élection à venir soit démocratique.

« On vit une vie d’esclavage. » Fatoumata Tambajang n’a peur de rien. Après 20 ans aux Nations unies, un temps ministre de la Santé, cette femme engagée vit en Gambie. « Un président qui parle comme ça, tous les gens qui sont contre lui, il va les enterrer. Tout ça, ce sont des éléments de dictature. Mais maintenant on en a marre. La population s’éveille. »

Amnesty international vient de publier son dernier rapport sur la situation en Gambie.
Pour Stephen Cockburn, directeur régional adjoint pour l’Afrique de l’Ouest, la pression internationale doit être plus forte sur Yahya Jammeh en vue de l’élection présidentielle.

« Evidemment on veut que les autorités gambiennes prennent des mesures pour changer les lois répressives, commente Stephen Cockburn. Mais s’ils ne le font pas, nous voulons demander que les partenaires internationaux mais aussi les partenaires dans la sous-région prennent des mesures, qui peuvent inclure la suspension de la Gambie de la Cédéao. »

Si certains appellent à une élection transparente, à une confrontation politique libre entre le pouvoir et l’opposition, d’autres comme le rappeur militant Retsam, estime que Yahya Jammeh doit quitter le pouvoir. « 21 ans d’oppression, et il n’y a pas à manger pour les jeunes qui ont du talent et de la créativité. Il doit partir. »

Pour faire entendre leurs revendications, les militants de la société civile gambienne veulent organiser une manifestation ce samedi 4 mai dans la capitale sénégalaise à l’occasion du sommet de la Communauté économique des États de l’Afrique de l’Ouest.


NAWEC urged to regularise electricity, water supply

The National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) has been told to buckle up to regularise the supply of water and electricity because the people have suffered enough now.

Speaking at a press conference organised by Power of Freedom held at Alliance Franco Gambia on Friday, Maimuna Manneh of Power of Freedom said people are sick and tired of the various excuses that NAWEC continues to give for its poor performance.

She said the company keeps promising of better days ahead but the situation keeps worsening every now and then.

“We are aware that the new government inherited the country in a drastic economic state, but we wonder if that is being used as an excuse for this poor performance,” Ms Manneh said, while asking rhetorically: But why should change of government affect NAWEC to this extent?

She said when people went to the polls in December 2016 and voted for the coalition, “they did not vote for a continuation of the former regime but instead they voted for better days”.

She argued that the electricity and water situation was even better in the former regime than now and the promised better days that people voted for never come up to now.

“A lot of excuses have been given by NAWEC but people are not in excuse mode,” she affirmed, adding that the new government should know that people do not want to get deeper in the abyss.

“This is the time to put our selfishness aside and work for the greater good of the people,” she said, accusing NAWEC of serving the top-notch government officials with constant power and water while neglecting the masses.

“Government should exist for the people; the people are not supposed to exist for those who govern to live in comfort lives, while us who elected them live in poverty. The duty of every government is to listen to the complaints of the people and address them.”

She pointed out that any government that is not concerned with the suffering of the people; any government that does not listen to complaints of hardship of their people should vacate political office.

Ms Manneh said with the poor power and water supply in The Gambia, it is difficult to understand why Gambians pay one of the most expensive electricity tariffs in the world.

Jerreh Badjie, founder Power of Freedom, said electricity is an indispensable tool for any meaningful development in any country.

He said the new government should reform the whole management of NAWEC and bring in Gambian engineers and electrical experts, including those from the Diaspora.

Also, Badjie said, the tax on the importation of solar panels should be reduced because as the situation is, Gambians cannot depend on NAWEC for constant electricity and water supply.


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