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Our Team – Power Of Freedom

Our Team

Join this great team

“You cannot carry out fundamental change without a certain amount of madness. In this case, it comes from nonconformity, the courage to turn your back on the old formulas, the courage to invent the future. It took the madmen of yesterday for us to be able to act with extreme clarity today. I want to be one of those madmen. We must dare to invent the future.”

Thomas Sankara

Maimuna Manneh
Secretary of Power Of Freedom

Political Science student | Activist
Strong appetite for reading, writing, teaching, forum discussion and advocacy

Fanding K. Njie
Treasurer of Power Of Freedom

Marketer | Activist
Higher diploma in Sales and Marketing
Strong appetite for football and advocacy

Pape Samba Colley
Graphic Designer of Power Of Freedom

Rapper | Entrepreneur | Graphic Designer
Diplomat in Graphic Design  – Degree in Linguistics (English – French)
Strong appetite for music, scrabble, bowling and visual arts

Jerreh O. Badjie
Founder of Power Of Freedom

Rapper | Entrepreneur | Activist
Bachelors in Linguistics (English – French – Spanish)
Strong appetite for visual arts and culture

Sohna Gai
Coordinator of Power Of Freedom

Nurse | Activist
Strong appetite for research, giving back to the community and advocacy

Lala Touray
Assistant secretay of Power Of Freedom

Poet | Student | Activist
Strong appetite for poetry, spoken word and advocacy

Fallou G. Ceesay
Youth coordinator of Power Of Freedom

Student | Activist
Strong appetite for debates, traveling and culture

Being and striving for the change we need

Our Core Values

Power Of Freedom is a civic movement mainly comprised of young Gambians from all walks of life who stand for peace, positive change of the country and its people, social justice, without regard to gender, tribe, religion or political affiliation.

The movement saw the day following the April 14, 2016 peaceful protest organized by the United Democratic Party (UDP) in Banjul, The Gambia for which the founder of the movement and his comrades took part to request the release of Solo Sandeng dead or alive as he was arrested in a previous peaceful protest for electoral reform that led to his arrest and assassination.

The incident awakened the movement to consider it as a national duty to participate actively in the fight for the change of a dictatorial regime that has asphyxiated The Gambia for more than two decades. Nonetheless, the team intends to continue its combat on social media, on the ground and in the Diaspora.

The adherents of the movement are mainly knowledgeable and cultivated youths. They are determined to contribute their quota in Nation building by helping Gambians understand and stand for their constitutional and Human Rights. The latter is considered as a duty to the Nation.

So far, the movement has been holding its campaign through social media, press conferences, fence writing, coordinating peaceful protests in Dakar, release of songs and music video(s). It’s a non-violent movement that is inspired by great people such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and Bob Marley who serve as role models. The team considers taking non-violent actions deemed necessary to achieve its goals.

The activities carried by the team are so far self-sponsored through internal voluntary contributions. When the movement is well established, regular contributions will be generated from each member to fund the activities of the movement. Nonetheless, assistance may be considered provided that it is not conditioned and it is in line with our statutes as we won’t undermine the principles of our struggle or our independence and our freedom of thought and action.

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