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Power of Freedom- Request for Support – Power Of Freedom

Power of Freedom- Request for Support

Power Of FreedomPress ReleasePower of Freedom- Request for Support
August 30, 2017 In Press Release

Power of Freedom is a civic movement mainly comprised of young Gambians from different walks of life who stand for peace and positive change in the country and it’s people. Social justice without regard to gender, tribe, religion or political affiliation.

We are planning on launching this dynamic movement in The Gambia together with a press conference holding the theme/topic ” Cost of living and it’s effect on the population” on April 16 2017. April 16 marks the one year anniversary of the protest that led to the arrest of our political figures for demanding the body of late Solo Sandeng (RIP), who inspired us to start this movement. All media houses and personnel will be invited to attend the event and we hope it becomes a success.

Our actions will be non-violent because we chose great examples as role models such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King etc. Demonstrations, sit-ins, open letters, direct denunciations and boycotts will be our approaches. Although they can attract police and judicial repression- we believe we have to stand for what is right in order to see a prosperous Gambia. Our determination is unwavering and we are ready to face anything for The Gambia and for the ideal we believe in.

For a start we’re willing to fund all our actions ourselves, through small voluntary contributions. We can accept support, provided it is not too large in relation to our actual needs, is not conditioned, is not a product of corruption or crime, nor is it likely to undermine the principles of our struggle/ independence/ freedom of thought and action. We will be organized in groups of people on a nationwide tour, organizing seminars, open mic shows and also civic education forums and classes.

We also have 5 projects in our agenda (1. Youth Power Project, 2. Educate The Masses Project, 3. Noyy Borom Project, 4. Artivism Project, 5. Protect The Women Project)  which will focus on youths, women and children, ranging from employment, sponsorship, lectures, sensitization and health. These projects are yet to be financed or sponsored by any individual or organisation and we’re hopeful that they can make an impact for the betterment of our communities and New Gambia in general.

Most of our members are between the ages of 19 to 37, we also have a board of executives with posts such as Coordinator, Secretary, Accountant, Treasurer and P.R.O. These posts are shared between both members on the ground and in the Diaspora who play an important role in lobbying for more members to join us, fund raise and also enlighten the masses on law related and finance matters. The movement consist of rappers, other activists, law students at the University of the Gambia, bankers, architects, young entrepreneurs, scientists and lawyers just to name a few.

We plan on having a nationwide radio tour towards launching and hopefully in the near future host our own radio talk show.  In our efforts to sensitize the masses we have a few ideas we will put to work like our social media campaign where we will publish pictures of people alongside what they either stand for or stand against. Another campaign will be called ”Civic Awareness” where we will have our law students and lawyers both at home and in the diaspora- come to lecture the masses about their civic rights, responsibilities and enlighten them on important points of the constitution. One can follow that by visiting our Facebook page @poweroffreedom220 our twitter handle @poweroffreedom3 or on instagram @poweroffreedom220

We hereby  come to ask the esteemed organisations for financial support for this cause,hoping we can expand beyond borders and reach out to Gambians wherever they are and in need of their country.

This movement is founded by rapper/activist Jerreh O. Badjie known by his stage name Retsam, a prominent Gambian rapper and entrepreneur who has been in exile in Dakar after taking part in April 16 protest. He finally decided to go back home and use his social media activism experience, advocacy and ground strategies to tackle injustice, corruption and non representation of Gambian youths in the benefits of our country. The name Power Of Freedom came as a song he did against the former regime and it made an impact on waking the conscience of the youths and the importance of their involvement in national interest.

I’d also love to say thank you to all the members and everyone who believed that only unity is a means of progress, working tirelessly to see us reach the masses.

Jerreh O. Badjie (Retsam)


News: Power of Freedom- Request for Support

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